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Green indicate booths are still available

The blue spaces indicate Young Entrepreneurs

Setting up, Info, Pricing

Dealers are what make a good show great. We feel it is important to provide as much information as possible to our dealers so things go as smooth as possible

Venue: Yamhill County Fairgrounds - indoors

(address: 2070 NE Lafayette Ave, McMinnville, OR  97128)


Dates: 2023

December 8-10

Opening hours

  • Friday: 12.00 pm - 5 pm (EARLY BIRD 10-12AM)

  • Saturday: 10 am - 5 pm (EARLY BIRD 9-10 AM)

  • Sunday: 10 am - 3.30 pm

EARLY BIRD ON FRIDAY & SATURDAY (voluntary participation)  

There are 5 booth sizes available for rent that you can pick from. The prices are for all three days.  

Outdoor spots are under a roof but have no walls. You can put up your tents and have propane heaters in your booths to keep you warm.

Booths marked with a star on the map above are already reserved.


5 x 10 = $75

6 x 10 = $85

6 x 12 = $100

8 x 10 = $110

10 x 10 = $150 (indoor)

5 x 10 = $65 (outdoor)

10 x 10 = $130 (outdoor)


Friday morning (day 1) is setting up day + selling day. Set up starts at 8 am, and we will open the doors for shoppers at 12 pm. If needed, we can accommodate you to set up on Thursday 1pm-7pm.


In addition, there is a fee for the table, which the Yamhill County Fairgrounds rent out. 

Table with no skirt 8' - $12/day 

Black skirt for table - $30 

Electrical  $45 (if needed)



if you'd like to join for 1 day it's now possible!

Booths are outdoors (under a canopy), size 10x10, assigned on a first come first serve basis

Saturday - set up at 7am, break up at 5pm - $35

Sunday - set up at 9am, break up at 4pm - $25

Young Entrepreneurs (ages 10 - 17 & accompanied by adult) have a fixed daily fee of $10 / day

Tickets can be purchased using the links below depending on show

· Booth fees are non-refundable. We can however apply your booth rent to the next event.

No upcoming events at the moment
Antique briefcases and hats


The Mac Flea Vendors Need to Know

Q: What types of products can I sell at the show
· The Mac Flea accepts applications for antique (100+ years old), vintage, and flea items along with upcycled creations. We also accept handmade products such as soaps, candles, and the like. Items that are mass-produced and sold by a company rep are not acceptable. We are also not currently accepting Direct Sales Vendors (e.g. Amway, Avon, Mary Kay, etc.).


Q: Can I sell packaged food or wine products
· Yes, if you have been blessed by the ODA (Oregon Department of Agriculture) to sell your food products. Where applicable, your current ODA certifications or other documents may need to be displayed
· For wine, you must be a licensed server and have your current server license displayed. You can sell by the glass or by the bottle.
· Although you are allowed to sell, we will limit the number of food and wine vendors


Q: What do I need to submit with my application
· Please submit a digital photo of your products when you submit your application. This will be used in our ads for promoting the show


Q: Can I request a specific booth
· Booth numbers can be requested with your application. However, there is no guarantee you will get the booth requested. Booths are first come first served. However, we will work with you to get you in the space you desire.


Q: When do I need to pay for my booth
· Payment is needed when you submit your application. If you are not able to pay in full, we can take partial payments when you submit your application. Full payment is required and due 60 days before the show.


Q: When will I know I’m accepted
· All Exhibitors will be notified of acceptance and an invoice for space will be emailed. Please check your junk mail in case your invoice winds up there.


Q: If I cannot attend, can I transfer my booth to a friend or another vendor
· If you are accepted in the show, you cannot transfer your booth to another vendor without approval. However, if you want to split your booth with a friend, that is perfectly fine.


Q: How should I decorate and prepare my booth
· Exhibitor spaces are not draped. You are responsible for merchandising, set up, and take down your own booth and display. You are encouraged to transform your booth to resemble your mini popup store. Your display should showcase your brand's character and attract shoppers to explore what you have to offer. Our shoppers are attracted to fun, unique and imaginative displays. Your success is directly correlated with the energy and creativity you put into your display.


Q: What do we need to display in our booth
· You will receive two badges for you and a helper. Please wear them throughout the show. We will also provide a booth number so your returning customers can locate you easier.


Q: What are the booth dimensions and prices, and are other equipment available

5 x 10 = $75

6 x 10 = $85

6 x 12 = $100

8 x 10 = $110

10 x 10 = $150 (indoor)

5 x 10 = $65 (outdoor)

10 x 10 = $130 (outdoor)

· You can also combine two adjacent booths and pay the sum of the combined space. For example, there are two 10’ x 10’ spaces next to each other, you can combine the space to create a 10’ x 20’ space and pay $300
· Table without a skirt is $12 for the entire show (2.5 days)
· Table with a black skirt is $30 for the entire show (2.5 days)


Q: Do I get my booth rent back if I have to cancel and back out of the show
· Booth fees are non-refundable. We can however apply your booth rent to the next event. However, continuous need to reschedule will be declined. Also note, if canceling within 30 days of the event due to non-illness, no rescheduling will be permitted.


Q: Can I pack and leave before the end of the show?
· We cannot prevent you from packing up and leaving before the end of the show. However, if deciding to vacate your booth before the end of the show, we will not accept any future applications to any of our shows.


Q: Can I leave before the end of the event day
· Life happens and we understand. Please inform our staff members you will need to leave due to an emergency. Ensure you cover your items if no one will be managing your space. Repeated early departures during a show not related to an urgent matter will result in rejections of future application

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